Commercial Services

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System eliminates maintenance headaches and upgrades the appearance of your facility—all at an affordable cost!

We provide commercial services for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and many other types of facilities. If you have made an investment in carpet, furniture, and panel systems, you know that daily building maintenance service is not enough to assure that an interior remains impressive to visitors and healthy for employees. From a small medical office to a large building with hundreds of workstations, a clean and healthy environment is crucial. To achieve your optimum appearance goals, you need an ongoing furniture protection and maintenance plan that's customized to the use of your offices and the fabrics and carpeting you've purchased. It is especially important to choose a company that has expertise in BOTH carpeting and furniture who will partner with you in the care of your facility.

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Why? Off-the-floor items often require more specialized care. The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System can provide the necessary upgrade to your contract/building maintenance by offering a custom program, which includes some or all of these services depending on your facility's unique needs: 

  • EVALUATION - An experienced Fiber-Seal Consultant will do a complete review of your facility and design a maintenance plan that addresses the usage it receives, high and low traffic areas, a cleaning and spotting schedule for both carpeting and furnishings, and any other special requirements you may have.
  • APPLICATION - Our trained technicians will apply a safe, effective, protective treatment to all desired soft surfaces, which will help prevent staining and keep fibers cleaner longer.
  • REGULARLY SCHEDULED SERVICE INSPECTIONS - We will create a furniture protection or fabric protection maintenance schedule for your facility to remove spots, monitor traffic patterns, and clean traffic areas, assuring that it is client-ready.
  • SPOTTING AND CLEANING OF PANEL SYSTEMS - Fabric panel systems often require the same care and expertise needed for upholstery cleaning because of their initial expense. 
  • EMERGENCY SERVICE - On-call emergency service is provided with your plan for problems like coffee pot explosions, toner spillover, delivery tracking, and other headaches.
  • NETWORK OF EXPERTS - We have expertise and knowledge in all types of commercial carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning—all done according to manufacturers' specifications and industry approved standards. We also have special expertise in minor repairs and cleaning of custom rugs, Oriental rugs, leather, walk-off mats, and unusual or luxury fabrics. 
  • TRAINING - Janitorial training can be provided to familiarize your employees with the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System.

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System can:

  • Save you money on maintenance costs
  • Lengthen the life of furnishings
  • Save you down-time that comes with replacements
  • Improve the appearance of your facility at an affordable cost

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