Maintenance Tips

Keeping Soft Surfaces Looking Better, Longer

Damp Dusting and Vacuuming

Vacuuming and damp dusting are an integral part of removing soils that accumulate on carpeting and fabrics. Dust, soils and pollutants collect on soft surfaces just as they do on tabletops and hard surfaces. Unfortunately, those same soils often go unnoticed as they get trapped in the weave and air pockets of soft surfaces.

Fiber-Seal suggests vacuuming carpet regularly and in different directions. Carpet near entrances, in front of furniture and in traffic patterns should be vacuumed at least twice as often as other areas.

Upholstered furnishings also need to be vacuumed on a regular basis, giving special attention to the arms and seating areas.

Damp dusting is an excellent way to remove many of the soils that are not removed by vacuuming alone. Mist a small amount of pHnominal onto a clean white terry towel and, using the same motion as you would for a tabletop, “dust” the soft surface. Do NOT use heavy pressure or a scrubbing motion, since this could cause damage.

Damp dusting not only removes dust and other loose soils, it also helps prevent the build-up of body oils and pet oils which cause premature soiling and wear.


Tabletops get dusted weekly to keep them looking clean. Generally, once a month is sufficient for soft surfaces. Your Fiber-Seal Service Center can suggest a program to meet your individual needs.


Rotating or turning upholstery cushions on a regular basis will assist in maintaining their appearance. Constant, one-sided use can distort the interior of cushions and cause abrasion to the outer fabric. Many fabrics can also fade or naturally age. Exposing all sides of cushions allows for more even use and lengthens the life of the fabric. Flip the cushions when you damp dust.

Oriental And Custom Area Rugs

Proper care of Oriental and custom area rugs begins with knowledgeable cleaning and protecting. Regular care minimizes the chance that carpet beetles and moth larvae will damage wool.

If possible, rugs should be rotated periodically in order to minimize uneven wear. It is essential that area rugs be thoroughly vacuumed to remove gritty soils that can accelerate fiber damage. Professional cleaning is encouraged on a regular basis. Call your local Fiber-Seal Service Center to arrange this care.

Fiber-Seal Brand Spot Removers Versus Everything Else

Fiber-Seal provides you with spot cleaning agents to assist in the care of your furnishings. These cleaners are easy to use and leave no sticky residues that attract soils.

Call your local Fiber-Seal Service Center if you are unsure of how to use our cleaning products, or if you need additional supplies. Your Service Center is also available for technical help with stubborn spots and spills on your Fiber-Seal protected furnishings.